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Bethel Christian Ministries

From Our Heart To Yours

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Current News, Reports and Concerns


Is Change Taking


Yes it is! but the change is not as we have been accustomed to. We (generally speaking) have been looking to the outward as our gauge, to tell weather God is giving us favor & blessings. This may or may-not be accurate, for the Lord God almighty is more interested in our spiritual condition, and if Christ is being formed in us. Yes things are bad in the world around us, but we are serving the un-changing God. WE NEED TO SEEK THE KINGDOM OF GOD!  There is a stirring, a shaking taking place! The hungry will seek a true God sent revival!

Change is Coming!

Will You Be Ready For it!

Joel 2:25,26



                        PRAISE REPORT

 So often we spend our time telling what we need, or the needs of others, and less time giving testimony and praise for what God is doing. We would like to take a few moments to say, thanks to all who have prayed over the requests we have posted. We have seen many miracles to physical, spiritual and financial needs being meet, prayers being answered, doors being opened, and God making a way where there seems no way. Praise be to God, for all that He is, and is doing. Keep Praying Saints!


 If you have a praise report you would like to share, email us at , and

we will be more than glad to post any reports that glorify and praise our Lord, while being a

blessing to others.




Trust in Him!

Jesus Is Lord