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Bethel Christian Ministries

Prayer Concerns

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Listed Below are some of the main prayer concerns in this hour, though listed in a general format, please be led by the Holy Spirit when praying over these requests.
 You may also feel free to send in any requests you would like to have either published on this site, or prayed over by this ministry.
Send all prayer concerns to:
JAMES 5:16
  16    Confess [your] faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

           Please Pray Fervently For The Following


1. Mission Works in Caracus Venzuala, Mexico, Haiti, India, Africa,   Peru,China,Russia, Kenya 

2. Strength for Ministries around the Globe - this is a trying time, we need the strength of unity in the faith.

3. Financial Needs for the continuing work of the Lord - For the pure in heart ministries in Christ.

4. Pray for Israel, and the brethren who are laboring for the cause of Christ.

5. Pray for one another 

6. Pray that the Body will have eyes to see, and ears to hear.

7. Pray for strength for the body of Christ, as she takes a stand for the cause of Christ!

8. This is a list of needs for Salvation and healing -

9. Pray for Revival throughout the body.

  • Tom H - deliverance, salvation
  • Ray J. - healing and guidance
  • Sis Phyliss L. - strength, guidance, healing
  • Pastor Michael Flannary - mission works, church building
  • Bro. & Sis Burchett - strength and direction
  • Bro. John - Healing & Direction
  • Shalenia Fraker - Salvation
  • Bethel Christian Ministries
  • Evang. Terrell & Beverly Glaze
  • Pastor Perry Stone -  and congregation
  • Pastor John Hagee -  and congregation
  • Pastor Rod Parsley -  and congregation
  • Pastor Jack Marcum -  and congregation
  • Pastor Jentezen Franklin - and congregation
  • Pastor T.D. Jakes - and congregation
  • Sis N. - Healing & Direction
  • Bro & Sis Feight - healing and direction
  • Bill E. - Salvation
  • J.O. Backslidding
  • Rachel M. -Healing
  • Pray For Revival
  • Pray for Bro. & Sis Palin
  • Those in power in the U.S.

If we have not listed a need dear to you, please take no offence as this is by no means an exhausted list, take the time to get into the spirit of travailing intercessory prayer, then the Holy Spirit will direct your prayers to the current needs at hand! And may the Lord richly bless your labors in Christ Jesus Name! Amen!

We can do all things through Christ Jesus.....

Jesus Is Lord