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Bethel Christian Ministries

Media Ministry

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Tapes, Tracs, Books and Music

Disclaimer: We (BCM) are not in the business of making money, we offer our Preaching and Teaching Tapes and Books at a minimum charge *(see note), we are striving to fulfill what our Lord said: 'freely you have recieved, freely give', yes we know what the scriptures declare about giving, and we support that, but the word of truth and life must go forth as unobstructed as possible. Yes it does cost  money to operate, and cover equipment and expenses, but we will trust the Lord to move upon wealthy vessels to give additional support.


* Note: If we offer a message that you have need of and, cannot afford the suggested donation, please contact us we will do all we can to make sure you recieve what the Lord wants you to have.


Preaching, Teaching and Various 'Word' Media
Current Messages by Bro. Todd A. Melfe
The Following are Available on either Cassette or CD, Please
specify your choice. The suggested donation for either is $2.00 ea.
  1. The Testimony of a True Witness
  2. The Roaring of Lions
  3. Eagles
  4. The Spirit of a Breaker
  5. Get in the Water
  6. Give no place to the Devil
  7. Seek out the Old Paths
  8. The Elijah Message
  9. In the Beginning was the Word
  10. Power & Authority PI
  11. Power & Authority PII
  12. The Pulling down of Strongholds
  13. Man Three Dimensional
  14. Birth Pains
  15. Power Series PI
  16. Power Series PII
  17. Power Series PIII
  18. Power Series PIV
  19. Faith Beyond the Natural Realm

The following mini booklet teachings are available for a suggested donation of $1.00 this is to cover shipping. Be Blessed!

1. Today's Christian in a Modern World - A fresh lookat presentation.                                                                                          

2.  What Manner of Man are we?

3.  The Plan of Salvation

Please Check Back Often, More to Follow!

Order Tapes,CD's & Books from:

Bethel Christian Ministries

PO Box 942 

Hilliard, Ohio 43026


Make check or money order payable to Bethel Christian Ministries



Rachel Marie Music Web Link

Music Ministry
New Just Released, the new CD by Rachel Marie - CRY
Also the first CD recorded by Rachel Marie
Each available for $5.00 ea. or both for

Order From

Bethel Christian Ministries

PO Box 942     Hilliard, Ohio 43026


Make check or money order payable to: Bethel Christian Ministries

     But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Jesus Is Lord