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Mind Battles PIV
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Mind Battles Part 4

By Todd Melfe

The Manifested Body


 When the head (Christ) was taken from the body (Church), he said he would return to the body, but he (Christ the Word) cannot receive a body that is not conformed to Him (Word). This would mean that it is a body of truth, faith and discipleship, a fruitful body displaying the attributes of the Spirit of Christ. We believe even now, the Holy Spirit is calling together an elect body, an apostleship unto the lord, not only will the works of Christ be manifested, but the respect and fear of the Lord will be established in the hearts of believers once again. Now some might argue these things, but take a hard look at faith, there is very little evidence of strong Bible faith, mainly because we have polluted the true word of God with the doctrines and teachings of man. We don’t even have faith for simple things, how are we going to have faith to be caught up?



9         But in vain they do worship me, teaching [for] doctrines the commandments of men.


 What can we do? Get back to believing every jot and title in the Word of God! You may say well that’s just being fundamental!, yes it is, we are facing a critical cross roads in the Church, we are going to have to make up our minds to believe and follow Christ, or follow man, we are way past the

Pretending stage! THE HOUR IS LATE!


ACTS 17:30

30         And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent:


 The Bible says the “pure in heart shall see God”, this passage is two fold in meaning, for the spiritual implication is to know and understand God. God seeks the pure in heart.

Revival starts with you!

Jesus Is Lord