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Bethel Christian Ministries

The Time Is Now

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The Time is Now! The Time for Revival 

 There is a hunger that is growing, it is a hunger for change, a hunger for something true, something pure, something strong, something that will not quickly pass. Many praying christians know just what it is, we need, yet many do not know, but realize that change is needed.
  3    And he said unto me, Son of man, can these bones live? And I answered, O Lord GOD, thou knowest.
 The question was asked by the Lord to His prophet, 'Can these bones live?' , as he stared at a valley of dry bones. Many look at the ever mounting problems in the world, especially the decline of the great nation of America, and wonder is it too late for change? And if there is change what will it take to turn the nation around? Or other nations either back to God, or to God. The Answer can be summed up in one word: REVIVAL yes you read it right! we are talking about a true God sent revival, one that sweeps across the nation, advertised by the fire of the Lord. One that heals the whole man, body soul and spirit, one that heals churches, families, marriages. One that breaks down barriers, between churches, races and many other cultural differences, for once people have moved from churchy religiousity, to the fervent fire of Holy Ghost Healing, then we will truly
come up higher. Many are waiting on the Lord's return, but the true church must have Revival, for the head to return to the body, some of you may not agree, but look around, listen! Are we living our professed faith? No not to the fullest, we don't hardly have faith to believe God for simple things, much less supernatural experiences and rapture, but Revival will change these things in the hungry, and pure in heart. This message is for encouragement, Pray unto the Lord Jesus to send revival, for it is coming, the time is right!

Ask and it shall be given.

Jesus Is Lord